Comedy writers wanted for BBC2 satire show

Writing together

Avalon television invited submissions from comedy writers for a new satire show to be hosted by Matt Forde. The 31st January 2016 deadline for entries has now passed. Click here to check out other great comedy projects and competitions.

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16 thoughts on “Comedy writers wanted for BBC2 satire show”

  1. I really like the idea of this new show. I have been a singer song writer for a number of years. I have also written for newspapers, magazines and radio programs. My wife and I have worked as a team, not only in performance, but as writers as well. We have always looked at life a little bit sideways. I am continually looking for new opportunities. Moving to England from America would be really great. Thanks for thinking of me.👨

  2. This sounds great, laughter is always the best medicine. Unless of course you suffer with the PseudoBulbar Affect.

  3. I too would like a go at writing for this show. As I’ve only just seen this page, I only have a day….a day! to write some stuff. I will do my utmost to get some stuff in in time!

  4. Can people still enter this if they’ve only just seen it, which I have, but can’t prove in a court of law….?

  5. Am I being dumb? I have materials I could send this second but there doesn’t appear to be an email address I can send them to…

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