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8th January Edition – Read it here

  • Stand up and character writersroom open
  • Submit to ‘Release the Clowns’ podcast
  • Two new film festivals
  • Red Planet Pictures Prize
  • New Bang2Write YouTube channel

1st January Edition – Read it here

* New comedy writersrooms open
* Hollywood film festivals
* Top 20 TED talks for screenwriters
* How to podcast
* 9 habits to boost your creativity

18th December Edition –  Read it here

* BBC Playwriting opportunity
* BlueCat screenplay competition
* $10,000 Film Fund
* Tales from a new stand up comic
* How 7 great filmmakers got started

11th December Edition – Read it here

* New Sitcom Writersrooms now open
* TV scriptwriting opportunity
* In Short Film Festival
* Austin Sketch Festival
* How to invest in yourself

4th December Edition – Read it here

* Production company looking for scripts
* Laugh Out Loud Comedy Writing Comp
* Crash Course in film production
* How to have more time
* Gus Beattie Interview

27th November Edition – Read it here

  • NBC Late Night writers opportunity
  • Reboot Theatre company seeking scripts
  • What went so wrong for British comedy
  • Motherland – The writing process
  • A pocket guide to creativity

20th November Edition – Read it here

  • BBC Wales seeks new comedy
  • Atlanta film festival accepting submissions
  • How Nathan for You redefines the prank show
  • Seinfeld’s Elaine – the trailblazing anti-woman
  • Balancing creation and consumption

13th November Edition – Read it here

  • Last Chance to enter the Alternative Advent Calendar
  • ‘Wait, Wait…Don’t tell me’ seeking comedy writer
  • Funny Women Comedy Writing Award
  • UK Stand-up opportunity
  • How to predict your future

6th November Edition – Read it here

  • New Opp – Write a short sketch and we’ll animate it!
  • Write for Morning Brew
  • Write about your favourite show/character
  • The funny business of cartoons
  • How to make a sitcom pilot

30th October Edition – Read it here

* Opportunity to write about comedy
* Pitch – new comedy writing app
* How ‘Rick and Morty’ tells a story
* How to use improvisation to develop your comedy
* Where confidence comes from

23rd October EditionRead it here

* NYC Indie Film Festival
* Attic Theatre Christmas Scratch Night
* Comedy actors wanted
* The 4 ingredients of shareable content
* Comedy Crowd TV is coming…

16th October EditionRead it here

* New comedy TV channel – sign up now
* Gold Xmas Cracker Joke Contest
* Musical comedy awards 2018
* How to improvise like Curb Your Enthusiasm
* The making of Sweetcorn

9th October Edition – Read it here

* Submit to Script Roast Podcast
* Learning from the early days of South Park
* Combining animation and comedy
* Showcasing your comedy podcast
* The evolution of Ross Geller

2nd October Edition – Read it here

* Humourist in residence program
* Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival
* An album of open mic sets
* More developments in online streaming
* Tips for the stand up comic

25th September Edition – Read it here

* Calls for sketch writers and directors
* Bafta Rocliffe Film Competition
* In defence of the mockumentary
* Finding your comedic voice
* Embracing ‘cringeworthy’ comedy

18th September Edition – Read it here

* Director’s Cut writing opportunity
* Comedy casting calls
* Where to find visual comedy
* How Sarah Cooper swapped the corporate world for comedy
* Register for the next sitcom writersroom

11th September Edition – Read it here

* Comedy production opportunities ending this month
* Over the fence comedy film festival
* The fall of The Simpsons analysed
* How Louis CK constructs a joke
* Watching the same episode of Seinfeld for 12 hours

4th September Edition – Read it here

* Newsjack is back
* Write for Belladonna comedy
* Exploring the genius of Key and Peele
* How a medic conquered comedy
* Comedy Crowd at the Liverpool Comedy Festival

28th August Edition – Read it here

* Why you should try stand up
* Looking for comedy actors
* TV pilot contest
* Wayward film festival
* Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright on creating Hot Fuzz

21st August Edition – Read it here

* 48 hour film competition
* How to survive the Fringe
* Ricky Gervais on his comedy journey
* The rise and rise of online video
* How to become a filmmaker

14th August Edition – Read it here

* Comedy sketch notes revealed
* Calling filmmakers and animators
* Join the sketch writersroom
* How to write a short story
* Inspiring comedy projects

7th August EditionRead it here

* Join the sketch writersroom
* Edinburgh Fringe line up
* Write for NewsRevue
* The art of telling a joke
* Metaphysics of the egg sorting machine

31st July EditionRead it here

* Get paid to make comedy
* Calling Edinburgh Fringe performers
* Have your comedy script filmed
* Peep Show and South Park explained
* BBC comedy bursary

24th July EditionRead it here

* Join the sitcom writersroom
* Have your comedy produced for TV
* Comedy short film competition
* Getting your show noticed
* The art of experimentation

17th July EditionRead it here

* Winning comedy teaser revealed
* Have your comedy sketch performed
* Work at The Comedy Crowd
* Pitches, outlines and treatments explained
* Capture your creative ideas

10th July EditionRead it here

* Have your comedy script filmed
* Writers and performers wanted for new project
* Comedy Crowd Writersroom coming soon
* Why you should be a YouTuber
* How taking a rest improves your creativity

3rd July EditionRead it here

* How to set up a production company
* What it takes to make a short film
* Join us at Chorts Live
* Why you will always think your writing sucks
* Taking a sketch troupe to the Fringe

26th June Edition – Read it here

* BBC comedy opportunities
* New York TV Festival
* Join us at Chorts Live
* Facebook moves into content creation
* Tips for starting a creative life

19th June EditionRead it here

  • How to polish your comedy script
  • Join us at the Chorts live event
  • Funny Women awards
  • Liverpool comedy festival
  • Making a winning Chort

12th June EditionRead it here

  • Last chance to enter your Chort!
  • Ask a comedy producer your questions
  • Making your own comedy website
  • Why real artists have day jobs
  • Opportunities closing today

5th June Edition – Read it here

  • Taking your show to the Fringe
  • Screening at film festivals and events
  • The secrets of successful comedy shorts
  • Meet comedy writers and performers
  • How 10 great comedies made an impact

29th May Edition – Read it here

  • BBC comedy writing opportunities
  • How AI is impacting the future of comedy creation
  • Find actors and writers to help you create
  • Learning to stand up in 1 week
  • How the Simpsons started with comedy shorts

22nd May Edition – Read it here

  • Henry Normal comedy writing talk
  • Writing for Have I Got News for You
  • Hosting your own comedy event
  • Sketch writers wanted (Aus)
  • Satire on the rise

15th May Edition – Read it here

  • How to apply for a comedy role
  • Chort! Screening Competition
  • Find actors and writers to help you create
  • Build your audience
  • Take yourself seriously

8th May Edition – Read it here

  • Chort! Screening Competition
  • Calling female comedy actors
  • Getting paid for your online comedy
  • Funny Women Awards
  • BBC Writersroom window closing this week

1st May Edition – Read it here

  • Comedy Short Film Opportunity
  • Audio Play Opportunity
  • A Comedy Crowd Update
  • The Impact of Medium
  • How to Make the Most of Competition Success

24th April Edition – Read it here

  • Why Comedy Matters
  • Your Comedy Creator Channel
  • Get it Published Now
  • Writing tips from Phillip Shelley
  • UK Script writers wanted for new TV Show

17th April Edition – Read it here

  • Opportunity to write for CBBC
  • Edinburgh FilmFest Talent Lab
  • Submission windows opening and closing this week
  • 10 books that will make you a better writer
  • Screenwriting tips

10th April Edition – Read it here

  • Shore Scripts Contests 2017
  • Script Pipeline Screenplay Writing Comp
  • The Smalls Film Festival
  • The Art of Editing Comedy
  • Getting the Audio Right

3rd April Edition – Read it here

  • The Felix Dexter Bursary
  • Sketch, Please Submissions Open
  • Free Screenwriting course
  • Final Week of Chort Writing Competition
  • 5 unconventional ways to find an audience

27th March Edition – Read it here

  • BAFTA Rocliffe Competition 2017
  • Writing in the age of Netflix
  • Resource for the freelance writer
  • How to use images that get your comedy noticed
  • Meet us at Craft of Comedy UK

20th March EditionRead it here

  • BBC Writersroom 2017 to open
  • Second City Sitcom Contest
  • Andy Riley FAQs for new writers
  • 6 tips from a BBC Writersroom winner
  • LOCO comedy filmmaker course

13th March EditionRead it here

  • NYTV festival submissions open
  • Writing for satirical magazines
  • How to make stand out Chorts!
  • Making a viral comedy sketch
  • Get a free comedy writing book

6th March EditionRead it here

    • A daily routine to improve your jokes
    • London Short Film Festival
    • Wireless show submissions open
    • BBC Welsh Writers Festival
    • How to write for another comic voice

27th February EditionRead it here

  • How to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe
  • US freelance writing opportunities
  • Liverpool Comedy Festival
  • Craft of Comedy UK
  • Chort! Writing Competition

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