Chorts! are the best 2 minute comedy videos. They are not recordings of stand up sets or epic fails. They are mini comedy productions that have potential for further development. You may have seen them on the Chorts channel. It’s proving rather popular.

Still not totally sure what Chorts are or why they exist in this world of ours? Outrageous. Read more on this page.

How the submissions work:

Anyone can submit a Chort comedy video by completing the form on this page during a submission window.

Right now the window is closed. But much like any good window it will soon be opened to allow a flow of fresh comic creativity into our lives.

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All Chorts entries get their own unique page where they can be shared, liked, loved and laughed at during the submission process.

Team Comedy Crowd and a select group of fellow comedy creators will watch each Chort submission (so please do your best to make us laugh. We enjoy a good laugh).

The best Chorts are selected to go on the Chorts channel, are screened at events and festivals, and brought to the attention of producers, commissioners and agents. This is a great way to get your comedy noticed.

The very best are also included in the Chort Battles to determine the overall champion.

All submissions must be in the following format:

  • YouTube url link
  • Videos must be max 2 minutes in length

If your submission is selected, we will ask for the original video file to upload to the Chorts channel.

Want to know more about Chorts? Here’s some FAQs to help you out:

How do I get my Chort to stand out?

First thing is rather obvious – make it funny. We watch all of them so entertain us.

Also be sure to share your video on social media to increase the share count, as this is shown for each submission so will make yours stand out.

You can also get personal feedback from The Comedy Crowd team on how to improve your character and make them stand out using this link.

Why 2 minutes?

We’ve spent years working with comedy creators, speaking to producers, and sharing content with fans. It comes down to this:

  • Creators – 2 minute videos are very accessible. You don’t need filming and editing expertise. You need a short script, an actor, and a computer or smart phone. Anyone can do it. In 2 minutes you have the chance to quickly convey who your character is and why they are funny, a vital skill for getting the attention of your audience
  • Producers and fans – short attention span. No one wants to watch a long video from someone they don’t know. BUT if people like a short video, they will try to watch more. If they are only committing to 2 minutes, there is less resistance to watching

I’m a writer and don’t want to get in front of the camera

Performing isn’t for everyone, and there are many examples of highly successful comedy writers who have never been seen on camera. If this is you then fear not. You can now find actors to play your Chort on our Facebook group here

What should I focus on in my Chort?

Comedy is all about the characters, and Chorts makes developing characters the main focus of your time and effort. Producers and commissioners are looking for good comedy characters as a sign of potential, so this is your chance to try them out and let them shine.

Your Chorts should focus on one or two main characters and use the 2 minutes to demonstrate how they interact.

This does not mean you need to film lots of characters to show interaction. Be creative. Even having someone shout off camera, or an interaction told as part of a story helps showcase your main character.

Is there a limit to the number of Chorts I can submit?

Yes. You can submit one Chort per person per submission window

Can you give me some help?

Yes. Comedy Crowd members can check out the Comedy Academy links below for info on:

Be sure to also check out the feedback from producer Jon Petrie following our recent 2 minute comedy character competition – click here to read it

And if you want personal feedback and advice from The Comedy Crowd team, you can get that too. Click here for more

Do I retain full creative ownership of my content?

Yes absolutely. We are helping you share your comedy in a way that reaches an audience of engaged fans. We have non-exclusive distribution rights so we can share any Chorts submitted to us, but you retain ownership of the content.

Any more questions? Just send us an email to