Ah, a good and well articulated question.

Some people say you should eat well, little, and often.

We say the same about laughter. Which is why Chorts are comedy videos in small but brilliant 2 minute bitesize chunks.

But Chorts are not available in any good supermarkets. Only here, at The Comedy Crowd.

They are also calorie free, and provide excellent stress relief benefits.

So why 2 minutes?

2 minutes means that Chorts are quick to make and quick to consume.

They allow creators to make their own shows and test out ideas without spending loads of time, money or needing a huge production team. Some of the best have been filmed by one person on a mobile phone.

They allow comedy fans to get a taste of brilliant comedy without committing precious time and waiting 10 minutes to find out if something is good before being horribly disappointed by the lack of punchline or end of sentence that just seems to go on and on and on without ever threatening to end any time soon leaving the viewer highly frustrated and wondering why they bothered making the effort in the first place when they could have found so many other ways to procrastinate that would have at least had a positive outcome

Sometimes short and good is best.

Hence Chorts.

And another thing about Chorts. They are open to anyone.

Anyone can enter a Chort and have the chance to be showcased by The Comedy Crowd.

The best are screened at events, seen by top industry folks and shared far and wide.

So if you love real comedy, you will be very pleased that Chorts are in your life and keeping you amused in those tricky 2 minute intervals.

If you create comedy, we recommend you submit your Chort right now.