Tales from a new stand-up comic – Beating the Frog

In August 2016 Adam Martin wrote this piece about his first foray into the world of stand-up. His latest post is an update on his journey… Since I last typed at you I’ve done some stand up gigs. Chief among these are the two attempts to Beat the Frog – Manchester’s comedy answer to the … Continue reading Tales from a new stand-up comic – Beating the Frog

Seinfeld’s Elaine – the trailblazing ‘anti-woman’

By Esyllt Sears She’s fascinated with Greenland. She enjoys teasing animals, banlon, and seeing people running for their lives. She loves throwing garbage out the window, yet she’s extremely dainty. [Jerry Seinfeld on Elaine, The Pilot, 1993] Elaine Marie Benes, performed by Julia Louis-Dreyfus has been in my top five comedy characters for the last … Continue reading Seinfeld’s Elaine – the trailblazing ‘anti-woman’

How ‘Nathan for You’ redefines the ‘prank show’

In the first in a series of articles looking at undiscovered or underrated comedy shows and characters, Tom Ratcliffe looks at how ‘Nathan for You’ has elevated the prank show genre beyond its crude beginnings… When you hear the words comedy prank show you may well, like myself, vomit enthusiastically. This may be due to … Continue reading How ‘Nathan for You’ redefines the ‘prank show’

How ‘Those Three Girls’ went from script to pilot

‘Those Three Girls’ are a comedy writing/performing trio who won the 2013 Sitcom Mission with their Sitcom, ‘Girlband’, which follows the fans of a 90’s pop band (check out the trailer). We asked them to put together a short video to explain how they took ‘Girlband’ from script to pilot. Girlband is being screened at … Continue reading How ‘Those Three Girls’ went from script to pilot

Improvising with Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm

The 9th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm returned to US TV in October with creator and lead performer Larry David continuing his destructive path of political incorrectness. Curb Your Enthusiasm is clearly a well executed, smart comedy that has achieved sustained success. But what makes the show so unique? For one thing Larry David plays … Continue reading Improvising with Enthusiasm

How Ross Geller became the funniest character in Friends

Ross Geller funniest Friends character

The first episode of Friends is widely regarded as one of the greatest openings to a sitcom ever. 4 distinctive characters have lines in quick succession. They respond to one another. And they do so in a way that brings out the biggest flaw, the biggest comedy catalyst, in each of their distinct personalities. Chandler … Continue reading How Ross Geller became the funniest character in Friends

Animation and comedy

Comedy Animation

By Sebastian Bance (feature image by My experiences. Me: “We want you to draw a snakebike.” (Long pause) Jack: “What?” Me: “Snakebike. A snake which can shape-shift into a bike. Can you draw that?” Jack: “Yeah, when do you need it by?” This sort of conversation is why I love animation. An absurd idea of … Continue reading Animation and comedy

An Album of Open Mic Sets because… Why Not?

Shawn Wickens

by Shawn Wickens Someone once told me, “The creation of any work of art is an invitation for people to hate it.” I can’t remember who said that, maybe a teacher or fellow comedian or a friend. But as an artist – someone who appreciates and even longs for approval, that quote rings true. We … Continue reading An Album of Open Mic Sets because… Why Not?

The Sitcom Writersroom

Sitcom writersroom

A few weeks ago 5 creative writers sat in different locations with no knowledge of one another. They had no shared connection other than this; they were each working on a sitcom script. Fast forward to today and the first members of the Comedy Crowd Sitcom Writersroom have been collaborating with gusto. Gusto is a … Continue reading The Sitcom Writersroom